New Inside Front! Blacken The Skies New CD/Tour! CrimethInc. Barnstorming Tour!


Between demonstrations, blockades, graffiti missions, jail time, and nervous breakdowns, CrimethInc. cells in the Southeast have been busy over the past months producing new materials. The surprise reunion issue of Inside Front, the decade-running journal covering anticapitalist music, culture, and action, is now available for mailorder. The first CD by Greensboro anarcho-punks Blacken the Skies is out now, and the band is touring the eastern half of the U.S.A. with an extensive distribution of CrimethInc. material and other propaganda. The Urban Pirates’ follow-up issue to the first Hunter/Gatherer is also out now, on the unusual format of audio CDR, and is available from their address. Finally, the plans for this summer’s CrimethInc. Barnstorming Tours have been made public. If you’re at a loss for how best to apply your talents this summer, please get in touch. Here’s to hoping you’re all busy with similarly ambitious projects of your own. Now is not the time to feel defeated and be silent — we have to build on all the connections and capabilities we forged in the antiwar struggle, so one day soon we can stop them from ever having a war again. Dethrone despair!