CrimethInc. Gender Subversion Kit, Trouble a-brewing, update coming soon


The brand spankin’ new CrimethInc. Gender Subversion Kit #69-B is now available, all the details are available here, but we will tell you that it was quite a hit at the PDX Zine Symposium, many a happy face and excited smile greeted their presence, and hundreds of them went away in anxious hands. Some of you may have heard rumblings from the CrimethInc. Barnstorming Summer tour and convergence and the rumblings are getting louder, as quite a storm is a-brewing. As soon as the events are over, and those guilty have dispersed and melted back into their communities we will post a full report of the rolling thunder. We have also posted a PDF of Hunter/gatherer #1 as we no longer have any paper copies left.