New FTAA poster and a ghost story from Halloween


Just in the nick of time to qualify as frustratingly late, but not so late as to be totally useless, we have made a new FTAA-themed poster available in our downloads section. It is available in two-color and b&w varieties, and while particularly appropriate for next weeks events in Miami, it does not reference it specifically so as to remain useful for deployment after Miami and until we finally destroy the FTAA. We are also getting a few thousand of the two-color version printed, and these will start to go out with every order in about two weeks. Also, we have added a new article in the feature section detailing the exploits of some trouble-making anarchists who helped facilitate many severe, and repeated beatings of George W. Bush on Halloween. (Secret Service and FBI motherfuckers alike, please note that the president was not harmed, nor were any plans made to harm him, nor does anyone here intend for harm to come to ol’ GW.) Sorry about that disclaimer folks, but we’re living in wild times.