Seeking RNC/DNC Photos and Accounts

Rolling Thunder, the biannual journal covering anarchist activity and direct action in North America, is seeking submissions for our coverage of the protests at the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. If you have access to photos or other documentation, or can write an account of your experiences, please contact us:

Please make an effort to help us get good material on these events, so we can pass on an accurate picture to others around the world (and to posterity). It’s especially important that we get a broad sense of what occurred at the DNC and RNC protests so our community can learn from these experiences in order to act strategically in the future.

PHOTOS: Please send the original full-size camera files, so they will look good in high-resolution printing.

ACCOUNTS: We’re interested in practically everything—anecdotes from jail, narratives from lockdowns and black bloc actions, first timers’ first impressions, perspectives from within infrastructural organizing groups (medics, convergence center, etc.), descriptions of police raids, everything.

If you are concerned for your privacy, just go to an internet cafe and open a new email address from which to write us. Rolling Thunder is a no-profit project, but we can at least provide free copies of the issue to contributors. Thanks so much everyone!