Rolling Thunder #10 Is Finally Here!


At long last, Rolling Thunder #10 is back from the printers! The past two years have been a real roller coaster, so this one is packed.

We begin the issue with a reappraisal of the anarchist project in today’s context of crisis and technological transformation. From there, we chart the global trajectory of momentum: the student movements in the US and UK—the insurrections in Tunisia, Egypt, and beyond—the occupation movements in Spain, Greece, and finally the USA, from its awkward beginnings in Wisconsin to its aftereffects in Oakland. For case studies, we focus in on the anti-police struggles that catalyzed the rise of confrontational anarchism in Seattle, and scrutinize how US immigration policy is applied on the ground at the border to explain how its actual objectives differ from its ostensible purpose. The issue concludes with a historical review of Canadian anarchism, following it from its origins through the Olympics and G20 riots of 2010 and up to the present day.

Rolling Thunder #10 also features a graphic history from Argentine anarchism—24 pages in full color—and all the other bells and whistles you’ve come to expect from us times two. It was a long time coming, but the extra attention has only improved the final result.

This issue is funded in part by a legal settlement, the legacy of an earlier cycle of struggle. We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to those who helped us get it published despite the usual host of challenges. Thank you for your faith in us. Everything you entrust we will return twofold to the struggle.